Affordable Storage

Obtaining Affordable Storage Space For Your Items

Renting a storage unit for your belongings can cost you quite a bit if you do not take the time to research facilities beforehand. At Biggie Mini Self Storage Inc. in Temple, TX, we offer affordable Storage Space with several additional benefits available to our customers.


Call our facility to inquire about the pricing for each of our rental units. We have nine different sized units available, making it easy for you to select one that will hold your items without wasting space or costing you extra money.


With the rental of your unit, you will obtain the peace of mind that your belongings are as secure as possible. We have security features in place on-site including surveillance cameras, lighting sources in all areas, and on-site employees at all times.


Each of our customers receives a free lockbox and key for their unit. We also have promotions available, so be sure to ask us about them when renting your Storage Space. Call us today to find out more about our Affordable Storage options.